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Integration in shipping, warehousing and assembling products and goods from different suppliers and factories, and then shipping them to our customers in one shipment to reduce the costs involved in this process,

Air cargo

Shipping all types of goods at the hands of a highly qualified, experienced and qualified device with studies of global shipping systems.

Import and Export

 We export all Libyan products and all that is required of the company from foreign markets, and we import everything the market needs.


The world around us is constantly being renewed, so we must rise to the highest standards of development and technology to keep pace with progress in our field of activity and instead of effort to maintain the quality and safety system.
We are keen to make ourselves the best and the strongest competitor by merging with the global system.

About Us

Al-Madina Air Cargo Services Company is one of the national companies working in the field of ground handling services for cargo planes, unloading and storing incoming goods and providing them with fuel and catering services and other necessary services at all our airports.
And work in accordance with the standards of quality and safety, and comply with the regulations and laws in force at the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority and the Airports Authority.
Accompanied by a team with the best technical and administrative expertise and competencies, our commitment to the training programs is very important within an annual training plan prepared in accordance with the requirements of civil aviation and approved by the company’s training department for all disciplines, with the provision of the best modern computers and the best advanced communications equipment to communicate with all agents from around the world within An integrated administrative building with specifications for all departments and sections linked to an internal work system at a high level of contemporary technologies.
In addition to our possession of the latest equipment and handling mechanisms to provide the best services at the speed required for all types of cargo planes and warehouses with complete international conditions and regulations and approved by the relevant authorities

Company incorporation

Al-Madina Air Cargo Services Company was established in late 2005 with a group of people contributing with a capital of one million Libyan dinars based on the People’s Committee of the Tajoura District under commercial registration No. 03757 and the registration of the Chamber of Commerce 2031 Division 16. We receive the approval of the Libyan Civil Aviation to operate and provide ground handling services for cargo planes. At Mitiga International Airport and Tripoli International Airport, the beginning was with the Italian shipping lines (ALITALIA CARGO), and that is the first contract we obtained to go into the journey as the first step for five years in a row, and it was a real experience for the company team to prove its existence.
In the year 2008, the company’s capital was raised to fifteen million and that’s based on decisions issued by the state and after a meeting of the company’s board of directors members unanimously agreed to raise the company’s capital so that we would be transferred to a permit to practice an activity from the Civil Aviation Authority and the Airports Authority and to open branches and offices in all our airports.
And we obtained the membership of (IATA) and (FIATA) due to our launch in communicating with international airlines, from which we gained sufficient experience over 18 years of working with regular and charter flights arriving in our country carrying various types of goods from spare parts, live animals, dangerous materials, food materials, various medicines and clothes Etc.
We work with them in accordance with the quality and safety standards adopted by the International Aviation Organization and local authorities.

The purposes and objectives of the company




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Handling agent for several cargo companies as.

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