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Lesbians Appreciate Elder Ladies, Claims Study And Our Very Own Minds | Autostraddle

Lesbians Prefer older women and, Says Study And Our Minds | Autostraddle

Ellen Degeneres is 55, Portia De Rossi is actually 40, and they are totes in love


Magazine, my # 1 source of sunscreen ratings and inside scoops on complicated vegetable-related pedicure situations, has actually released their first-ever ”
Aging Review
.” Well, in line with the press release, it’s actually an “age defying” survey, a difficult name which generally seems to declare that “anti-aging” is actually a posture people are designed for promoting when, to your good my personal understanding, only face creams can declare themselves is “anti-aging.” If you should be age defying, really does that mean you are pro-death? In case you are pro-aging, are you able to be anti-aging-serum? Sadly those concerns are not expected.

The good news is many other questions


requested: vital, pushing questions like “is George Clooney the aging process gracefully?” (he’s.) Penn Schoen Berland, the intricately-named firm just who carried out the National Anti-Aging Poll, interviewed 2,000 people, planning to examine “how aging impacts every aspect of an individual’s existence, from interactions to your place of work, and additionally, the aging process perceptions in pop music culture.” We believe the actual intent behind this poll would be to offer under-eye cream, but whatever.

Answers made available to questions about the elegance of people at numerous years apparently induce some fascinating outcomes around the “LGBT population” (although I can believe as a result of my personal familiarity with this great world of ours that they’re most likely only referring to Ls and Gs and maybe Bs and did not take into account the point that “transgender” is not an intimate positioning), per a news release pushed into our very own containers today. We have yet to see the complete study or understand how many queers were really surveyed, but simply take a gander in the after lines copy-pasted from said press release:

  • LGBT respondents are more likely to be attracted to people

    avove the age of them by more than a decade

    when compared with straight participants
  • LGBT respondents believe they attract people

    more youthful than them by significantly more than years

    more so than right participants do

  • 73percent

    of LGBT respondents believe that females have more force to check young today than they performed 10 years ago vs just


    of LGBT respondents think that males have that same pressure.

The study additionally discovered that 84 percent of all of the males and 91 percent of most ladies interviewed think “women tend to be under a lot more pressure to look youthful than men.” Thus and also being much more open-minded about just who we’re attracted to, queers in addition seem to feel less force to check youthful. That’s good plus in keeping with results achieved by

Lindsy Van Gelder


Pamela Robin Brandt

within their guide

The Girls Nearby: In To The Heart Of Lesbian America


We’re certain that there needs to be lesbians who don’t discover earlier females hot, but there isn’t satisfied them. That may be one reasons why aging is not the upheaval for lesbians that it is for numerous straight women. If any such thing, there are a lot females like [Gay Games weightlifter and Mount Holyoke professor] Jean [Grossholtz], who are up for brand new encounters since they long ago ended nurturing about performing the thing that was “appropriate.” The contradiction would be that because we live in a subculture that allows us to age gracefully, we obtain to keep huge kids for along time.

rosie o’donnell, 50, along with her partner michelle rounds, 40

After scowling all the way through


‘s “related article” entitled “10 Hairstyles That Can get you to Check a decade Younger” and weeping over “10 Things Your physician is capable of doing to allow you to look more youthful, quicker,” i did so only a little math of my personal, contrasting the ages on the Top 20 females showcased regarding the
Maxim Hot 100 2012
to the people chosen to the
Autostraddle Hot 100 2012
. The results happened to be foreseeable enough: the typical Maxim chick is 28, the typical Autostraddle chick is 33.5. When you slim it straight down even further, Maxim’s top ladies hold about 28 but Autostraddle’s top 10 selections average out to 35.5. Plus, 55per cent of Autostraddle’s top 20 tend to be 30 or over, rather than 20percent of Maxim’s listing.

However, there aren’t any stats about this, anecdotal evidence reveals ladies-who-love-ladies tend to be more likely to negate get older as one factor when selecting a partner (at the same time, a full one-third of male baby-boomers polled by


stated they willn’t date a female their particular get older or earlier) and that those get older distinctions are not stigmatized in the same way that directly partners’ age variations tend to be. There are a great number of concepts relating to why this is certainly — in an
Autostraddle post about May-December connections
, Butch miracles suggests that possibly the incidence of age-disparate relationships in the queer area “is because we’re currently doing things that differs from standard, therefore a get older huge difference together with it’s just icing regarding the deviance dessert.” Additional ideas include: the lesbian online dating share is rather little very a lot of facets (want get older) become much less important, intergenerational socializing is actually more usual, or our very own diminished compliance to traditional age-specific milestones for example marriage and baby-making mean females of significantly various centuries can still be in one life-stage. As


suggests, for a few lesbians, a membership to non-normative charm expectations can also play a part.

rachel maddow, 39, together lover susan mikula, 54



study in addition discovered that males think “female beauty highs at 29” and females believe it “peaks at 31.” As a 31-year-old exactly who believes solidly that we peaked at 23 or perhaps at 11, i came across this surprising. Furthermore, as a 31-year-old who gave up my ladies’ journal addiction a short while ago because we suspected it actually was creating myself detest my self, we believed extremely validated about that choice after investing twenty mins on


‘s web site.

The bottom line is that there is nothing unappealing about the aging process obviously, although producers of cosmetics and women’s magazines use you assuming normally. The point that queer women can be a lot more familiar with this versus heteros is in fact another little bit of evidence that queer women are wiser and a lot better than everyone if in case we had been in control, everybody would feel a lot better about on their own!

delighted lesbians wading in a share of delight underneath a happy rainbow (via

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