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What is Digital Security?

As the digital realm becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, the importance of protecting our devices and data is becoming increasingly important. Our connected technology including smartwatches to baby monitors, and from digital wallets to cryptocurrency, is vulnerable to cyber attacks. They can result in ransomware-related attacks, data breaches, or other devastating effects. It’s therefore important to understand digital security in order to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from such dangers.

Digital security refers to the collection of tools and best practices that help improve protection from online threats that could harm or compromise your personal or business information. It offers a range tools that can help you protect your privacy and safety online, ranging from antivirus software to password management. It also includes taking steps to keep your devices and apps updated and safe, and adopting a standard “cyber hygiene” routine.

At all levels of society, protecting confidential information is a huge challenge. From government agencies that guard state secrets, to companies who’s business models are based on customer and product information. The people who work in digital security must be curious, competitive and cybersecurity resilience through proactive measures eager to keep learning to keep up with the rapid-changing field.

The OECD is an active worldwide partner in the field of digital security, working to create and promote policies that increase trust without inhibiting the benefits of digital transformation. Our work in digital security is carried out through the OECD Working Party on Security in the Digital Economy and the Committee on Digital Economy Policy.


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